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So I decided to start writing a blog. Partly because everyone is doing it, and you following the crowd is the best way to get noticed. Also because I am bored and finally because I have actual work to do and this is a great way of procrastinating.

I have just moved back to Lancaster after spending a year in Manchester. My year in Manchester was spent working at the cinema in the Lowry Outlet mall and working in The Lowry Theatre as well as auditioning for shows. I nearly got cast in Just A Must’s production of Sport’s Play and Station House Opera’s Roadmetal/Sweetbread, however I didn’t. I was also trying to set up Sticky-tape, a theatre company being mentored by Proto-type theatre. Sadly, for several reasons that did not work out, so, as I said I moved back to Lancaster.

In Lancaster I am currently looking for a job with which I can pay my bills, and then some more bills with a little left over for food, wine and coffee. I had a trial shift at the Robert Gillow this week, so hopefully I will be working in that fine establishment soon.

I am also taking part in Leaping Out, LEAP’s first event. You can check out LEAP and what they’re about on their website here;


During Leaping Out I will be one of the invited artists, what I will actually be doing is still a mystery but it will culminate in something being performed on the 22nd of September at DT3 theatre in Lancaster. During Leaping Out I will also be performing an excerpt of a new show with my own (new) company Little Box.

I am also beginning to write to new shows, one is a solo piece that is presently called ‘How to be a Boy’ and I will be writing and making it with a great deal of help from my friends. The other show I am writing with my friend Tash and it is a two man show and is a conversation between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not gonna say too much about them, because this blog is already too long and isn’t terribly interesting.

So that’s about all I have to say now, just a brief introduction to my present situation and plans. If you fancy it, keep reading as my life develops. Who knows, maybe I’ll become famous, or maybe I will die an early death, be the first to read about it here.




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