Leap things

So to wet your appetites for what is going to take place in LEAPing Out, I am going to share some of the things that we (the artists) have been chit chatting about.

Main thing to tell you before I let you into some secrets is that the theme for the evening is Ready and Waiting. Whatever the hell we want to do with that, we can. Here’s a picture that relates to waiting… because I felt I should put more pictures in my blog… why not?


So first off, here’s a bit of a narrative description that I wrote based around a chat that some of us had for a live art installation…

A man, sat, waiting, ready to go but still waiting. He’s been waiting so long that he’s forgotten what it is that he’s been waiting for. He sometimes thinks it’s a person, or a phone call. Maybe it’s a bus or a plane. Maybe it’s for the right time, maybe it’s for you? But that doesn’t seem likely, if he were waiting for you then he wouldn’t be waiting anymore… he’d be doing something else because you’re here now. So it appears that he’s forgotten what he’s waiting for, but he knows he is ready for it. So he sits, ready and waiting, surrounded by the trappings of his wait.

His clothes are old, the man is mouldy. Both are covered in dust. Around him are piles and piles of luggage, old suitcases, new ones. Each containing something different…

I won’t go further into it, but there is more to it than that. You’ll have to come along and see for yourself.

There is also talk of a a short performance of an athlete ready to race and just waiting for the starting pistol. Another idea is a dialogue between a customer named Ready and a waiter called Waiting… you can see what’s going on there I bet.

If that doesn’t interest you then how about an airport departures and arrivals board? Or a stripper who never strips? Moving sculptures? Remote control cars?

How about a young company called Paper People who are just invited to do a little thing irrelevant to the theme? This could be a young company of theatre makers in Lancaster, maybe their names are Lowri Jones, Hannah Mook and Jon Coleman. Let’s ignore the fact that I’m already involved with Leaping Out as an artist and have been invited in as part of an outside company. We will be showing a small installation and a short performance that gives a sneaky peak into the show that we are making… the show doesn’t have a name as yet, it’s set in a Fabric Shop (obviously not a Real fabric shop… we are contemporary artists after all) and it has the structure of the sleep cycle (see, I told you we’re contemporary)

There’s also some video, some sound… all sorts of things and it’s all free. Unbelievable right? Well here’s hoping…