Calm before the sneeze

So tomorrow is Leaping Out. I’ve learnt my lines, recorded a speech that I’ve written, got together my costume and other bits and pieces that I need. Others have been making kinetic sculptures, menu’s for clock pieces, installations, scrap books (I helped with that too) and many other things.
For myself and all others involved it has been a surprisingly intense week. Surprising because it hasn’t seemed intense. But now that the week is over I have realised that it has been intense. We have managed to make material for an evening of art, performance and generally fun things and to be quite honest, I have no idea how, but we have. So we’re all set… you could say that we are now Ready and Waiting… see what I did there? (If you don’t know already, that’s the theme that we were given for the work we have made)

Here’s something that I found amusing, Aliki ( one of the other artists) and I were playing around with just saying ready and waiting. We started just saying;



Then, cycling home I did the same with Ready;



I then combined the two


e-ting… eating.

It doesn’t actually have any relevance, but words are fun.

Not much else to say, so I’m going to play some xbox and maybe play with a robosapien (remote control robot) that you will see tomorrow night if you’re coming along. All the while I will be sneezing and sniffing because of the copious amounts of talcum powder I inhaled this evening during my preparation.