This week in my life plus images from Leaping Out


This is a picture of myself and Aliki performing The Waiting Room, a script written by Aliki and organised by Leo Olamerino (One of the organisers of LEAP). There are a few other photo’s some of them are below, the rest will probably be available on the LEAP website, soon. The images I’m posting are mostly to do with me, because it’s my blog and I can do what I want, including being a bit self-centred… but I’ve also included one of a Rabbit playing a ukulele, because… well why the hell not?

Image Image Image

So these are more images of The Waiting Room, with a guest appearance from Ruth Gregson, one of the other artists involved in Leaping Out.

Below are some images of The Waiting Man installation;

Image Image Image Image

This last image shows the Dalek that featured in a review of Leaping Out by Michael Nunn, a reviewer from the Lancaster Guardian, just to clarify the reason for the Dalek, it is an alarm clock, you just cant see the clock bit.

Here I will insert a little tid-bit from my week, I went to a networking event in Contact, Manchester last week. During this networking I was chatting to Visual/Live artist Rachael Gittins, with whom I collaborated to create The Waiting Man installation. We have decided to continue to collaborate to make it a fully fledged Live Art installation with performancey bits and everything. This will be done alongside my own development of the waiting man script, now named The Story of the Waiting Man. The hope is that the two projects will influence each other and will also be able to work as a package deal, get a performance with a free Live Art installation, or vice-versa. So watch this space.

Finally here is an image of a Rabbit playing a Ukulele… The rabbit head was made by Lani Irving, and in this photo she is the one wearing it.


There are also photo’s of Paper People Theatre’s installation Rosemary based around our upcoming show Fabric Shop (Working Title) Here’s one image, the rest will be up on our website soon. ( ) So check that out soon.


Just a final note about how the script is coming along. I’ve written a few extra bits in the last few days. There’s a bit in there about learning to juggle, there’s a paragraph on waiting patiently and an extra bit at the beginning about who this man may (or may not) be. These will all be put up soon for you to judge and comment on.

Photo’s of Leaping Out were provided by LEAP and are copyright of Ian Hughes.

Talk at you again soon.(and by talk I mean type)