Applications, Life and What Not.

This last week I’ve had a bit more free time. Have I used it wisely you ask? Well I have certainly tried…

I spent a couple of days rehearsing The Story of the Waiting Man, it went a bit slowly. I didnt think about the fact that I would probably need to learn my lines before my first rehearsal, so that sort of flopped, although I did get some ideas and I worked through the script. The next rehearsal went better and the show started to develop. The third however was an absolute fail. It wasn’t entirely my fault, there was a lot of free cake and coffee at the Nuffield bar, and I couldn’t help myself. oops. It was good cake though. I’ll be back to rehearsing this week, well on Tuesday at least, hopefully friday as well. And I will be getting outside input from Lowri Jones and hopefully some of the fake/simile lot. I also filled in a few applications for chances to show it at platform and scratch events, so hopefully I will be doing a few shows before the end of the year.

I also rehearsed with Paper People, that show is developing at a surprisingly fast pace. Not to say it doesnt need a lot more work, its nowhere near finished, but I am pleased that we are able to work so well together and develop material on a weekly basis despite all having rather busy and conflicting schedules. We also applied for several scratch events this week, some coinciding with the ones that I applied for on my own. Fingers crossed.

What else have I done? Well I caught up with season 5 of Breaking Bad, and am extremely happy with how that went, it truly is one of the best drama’s currently being made for TV. Dont really want to wait until next year for the end of the show. I want it NOW! Ha.

I also started listening to some nostalgic music, in the form of Reel Big Fish, Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones. I do not deny that Bon Jovi is cheesey by the way, I just love how cheesey it is. So no comments on that please. Or comment, I will defend my love for 80’s cheese. Until I get bored that is.

Final thing that happened, my bike broke. That was fun because I was riding it at the time. Then I had to carry the heavy piece of **** home. But I’m borrowing one from a friend and his bike is AMAZING, best bike I’ve ever ridden. He’s not getting it back.

So that’s it for this week. No profound thoughts on life, no bits of script, not much interesting I suppose, but you know, I can’t provide that sort of thing every week.

P.s. On wednesday I’m heading to Lancaster Uni campus to see some wildlife. If you’re free and around go to the campus to get a coffee and maybe you’ll see some frolicking animals. #wildlife I’ll out up pictures of the day when I can.


Eat your greens.