Theatre things, applications and some more script

It’s been a while since I posted, partly because I’ve been busy and partly because I’ve been lazy.

So what have I been doing… well last friday I performed in Lancaster’s Theatre Uncut. I played A in Blondie. A political piece, about 15 minutes long. It was good fun, the rehearsals didn’t take up loads of my time but it was great to spend some time with other people keen on making theatre. Blondie was based on a fictional future in which after the Coalition left power, having ruined the country, a female prime minister took over. She vastly improved the country but at some point in her term she started to antagonise the population, eventually declaring war on them. The exact details of the war were not described but it culminated in an attack on a village in Kent where the prime ministers soldiers “raped, tortured and murdered anyone they came into contact with”. The short play was the trial of the prime minister. I played one of the accusing parties.

The script was flawed, it focused a lot on the sexual attraction of the accused party, how she manipulated people with her sexuality. It was a mixture of the light-hearted and the tragic. There was a confused political message, but I think what the play-write was trying to say is that it will take an all out attack on our country to make us realise how lucky we are to be living in a place so full of diversity, culture and life unless we do something about our selfish attitudes now. An interesting thought, I don’t feel it entirely accurate but there was some lovely writing and nice moments within the script. The other shows were (for the most part) really nice and well performed and directed by the arty folk of Lancaster.

I have also had some interesting conversations at work over the last two weeks. One included what became a rather heated religious debate, something I usually try to avoid, because although I am a christian, I don’t like to argue with people about that sort of thing, but it left me with some interesting thought, which I will not share, because they are for me, not you so stop being so nosey.

The second was with a man who was not as drunk as he seemed at first, I ended up kicking the man out and at the door he stopped me and said he was working undercover for THEM and if I told anyone then he’d kill me. I don’t know what he was talking about, but it was a rather curious encounter.

I have also been filling in some applications. I’ve applied for the role of Front of House Manager for the Flare international festival next year. If you want to find out about Flare then look on their website here;

Paper People have also applied to take our installation Rosemary to Hatch: Mass in Nottingham on the 12th of December. So fingers crossed for that. We’re also working on an application for Creative Industries Trafford among many others.

I have applied with the Story of the Waiting Man to the next LEAP event and Northern Stage, so hopefully that’ll get me somewhere. I’m going to apply for several others, but I need to have a proper look at what’s going on there.

Finally, here’s a bit o’ script that I have written this week for the waiting man. It’s based on something from a series of book called The King Killer Chronicles, a very good series of books.

In quiet places there are two common sorts of silence.

The first is the most obvious but least noticed. It is a lack of noise that comes from an empty room or a calm day at sea. When no one speaks.

The second is created by the small noises around the first. The sound of a dog barking or distant traffic. It is filmic and it serves to frame and deepen the other silence.

There is a third sort of silence, less common. It exists between the first and second. This silence is tangible. It comes from what is unsaid when no one speaks. It is the silence you find in hospitals and churches.

It is his silence, a waiting silence. Full of unspoken thoughts, fears and hopes.

So that is a new bit of script, it needs a bit of re-writing but that is the gist of it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

One last thing. The Fables are playing at The Robert Gillow, Lancaster on thursday the 22nd. Here’s one of their songs so you can see why you should come down and listen.


Enjoy. Well done for getting to the end of this post. Unless you just scrolled down to it. If you did that… shame on you. Cheater