It’s been a while and this will be brief

The title is really all I had to say. Sorry I’ve not posted in a while. Im just letting you know quickly what I have been up to recently.

 Mostly I have been working on ‘Here We Remain’ A Live Art Installation that Paper People Theatre are showing for the first time in Leap’s First Time – Last Time. The installation is still a work in progress, we have work to do on the script, the movement and the installation… to varying degrees. This is the main reason I have been away, any spare time I have had has been spent making literally 100’s of paper cranes as well as super gluing buttons into gravity defying piles (Which Lowri Jones and Hannah Mook insist on breaking so I have to spend time fixing them) The work is looking really good, we’re pleased with it, although obviously we still want to make changes and improve it, that’s just our nature. If you are free on Wednesday night and fancy an evening full of ART, come along, tickets are £5/£3 conc. and it is well worth it. 


That is about all I have time for, now I’m off to rehearse and move the whole show about 2/3 miles on a bike. Not a motorbike either.

See you tomorrow.


P.s anyone else noticed how cold it is? It’s cold.