Here We Remain at LEAP First Time- Last Time

So Paper People showed our performance Art Installation on Tuesday this week as part of Leap’s First Time – Last Time event. The day was pretty hectic. Hannah Mook was ill and Lowri Jones was in work all day, so myself and Lowri’s boyfriend Rick were tasked with getting all of the components of the show from various places around Lancaster to the LUDUS studio. We achieved this with some help from friends and everything was there and ready to be set up at 4.30-ish.

That left us with an hour and a half, which may sound like a long time but given the intricacies of the set up and the difficulties that arose from being in front of a large mirror, it was not with out difficulties. What made it even better was that some of the piles of buttons that I’d made in the preceding weeks had been damaged in the move, so I spent some time ingeniously trying t glue them back together on my lap. Needless to say I super-glued my jeans to my leg in several places, which does save me from having to shave my legs for a while.

We finally set up the installation and the event started at 7. We did not get to watch most of the other performances as we spent the first hour of the show gluing buttons to Hannah mooks face.

The show went well. We were a bit apprehensive, worrying that the performance was not accessible and so on, but those worries were misplaced. We got an excellent reaction from the audience and performers alike. In the end we were extremely proud of what we achieved and look forward to the improvements we can make in the future. It was an exceptional experience that the entire company enjoyed. so here’s to the future.

FYI Rosemary, a scaled down version of the installation will be shown during frozen north on saturday the 15th, I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never. Head to Preston between 12 and 2 to catch the installation, its well worth the visit, as are the other works on display.

Pictures will be up soon so keep your eyes open.

All the best.