It’s a New Year and you thought I forgot but I’m back. Sorry.

So I haven’t put anything on here in a while. I’ve been busy, tired and to be perfectly honest I haven’t had much to say.

Yesterday I went to get a licensing qualification so that I can get a personal alcohol license. I also had a steak.

But that’s not all! There is actually a couple of pieces of bigger and more exciting news. That’s right, more exciting than steak.

First off, Paper People Theatre, you know them, my theatre company, well we got an email the other day from Off the Fence saying “We liked that application we sent you, can you do your show here on the 4th of April” We said yes. Now we have a date for our first full length production to be premiered. That is a tad scary but mostly very good news. So keep an eye out here or on the Paper People website for me details abooot that.

Second bit of good news. I’m going to be joining Imitating The Dog for three dates of their tour of 6 Degrees Below the Horizon. A fantastic, incredibly… flamboyant but still very dark production that tells the story of a french sailor in the 1920’s. It includes mermaids, dancing, bar fights, prostitution, murder and even a mystical/mythical pub. What more could you want? Two projectors and some clever theatre trickery? That’s in it too, don’t you worry. So I’m looking forward to working on that show again.

There’s likely to be some other stuff too, but it’s not as interesting right now. I’ll let you know if I deem it important enough to go on the internet.  Speaking of which…




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