It’s been a while… again

Hey all,

I know you’ve missed me, don’t worry there’s no need to say it.

Sorry I’ve not posted in a while but I have been rather busy.

In the last month and a bit I have been up to a lot. “But what?!?” I hear you ask with eager anticipation as you mindlessly wander the internet looking for things to do with your time.

Well I have been doing a bit of work with Imitating the Dog. Went to a rehearsal in Huddersfield for a few days so that I could get re-acquainted with Six degrees. Then I performed in Crewe with them at the Axis Arts Centre. It was a good show, although the set only just fit into the venue, there was a couple of inches at most between the top of the masking and the lighting grid and we had to take out the upstage position for the back projection screen. But it did fit and the audience seemed to really enjoy the show, so it was good. I’m off to Exeter with them in March, I’m looking forward to that. If you do get a chance I’d recommend trying to see Six Degrees or The Zero Hour, both excellent shows, click on this link to have a look at tour dates. Really they are both excellent shows and you should try and get along to them.

As well as that I have been carrying on with Paper People Theatre as we have been preparing for our debut performance in Leicester. The program for Upstairs at the Western is now available, here’s a cheeky link…

There’s also been some developments with The Waiting Man, although I’m going to hold off for a bit in revealing that, need to keep you waiting for something now don’t I?

Not much else to say right now, but I thought I’d chuck a sneaky little update out there for all of my die-hard fans.

Bye now.