Some News

So first off, and as you may have noticed. I have made a few tweaks. As a result my blog site is now more of a website. It has a page with some info about the various shows I’m involved in making. There’s also a small bio of myself (that needs a bit of re-writing) a page showing any dates that I will be performing, where and what show I’m performing. There’s also some links to other companies and organisations that I’m either involved with, supported or programmed by or just that I like.

So enjoy having a look around.

Next bit of news, which if you have already had a peek a the dates section you will already know, is that I am going to be performing a section of The Story of a Waiting Man at First in Three in Newcastle. Go to the links page and click on Northern Stage.

Also click on the link to Off the Fence to have a look at the brochure for Upstairs At the Western, a festival in Leicester in which Paper People will be performing in. There’s a link to the Paper People website too, but if you just want to read about our show, Uncanny Corner, there’s a bit about that on my site too.

Of course, if you’re all too lazy to go to the links page, here’s a link to northern stage and the Upstairs at the Western brochure

If you’re in Newcastle on the 7th of March or Leicester on the 4th of April then please come along and support me. If you’re not but no someone who is, tell them to come and support me, even if I dont know them. Ta.