More things are happening

So this Thursday I’m going to be on my merry way to Newcastle to join the lovely folk at Northern Stage to perform a 30 minute section of the Waiting Man. I will be busy in rehearsal all day  tomorrow making sure that it is spiffing and shiny for people to see. If you’re about and fancy seeing it, or if you know someone else that might want to watch it along with some other brilliant pieces of theatre then book your tickets here, or encourage others to do it. It’ll be great. Promise.


Now for the more news section of the blog. Paper People have been selected to show our live art installation Here We Remain in Poolside Emergency. That is great news, it gives us yet another opportunity to show some work to new audiences and get feedback on it so we can continue to develop and improve upon what we already have. It’s on the 16th of April, so just under 2 weeks after we debut Uncanny Corner in Leicester, Upstairs at the Western.