Scratching a Lords Ashton (Copyright Thomas Kirk)

It’s a terrible pun, which is disappointing because Tom is usually the punmeister. To be fair he didn’t have much to go on and a very little time.

But Scratch at the Ashton is a real thing. It is a scratch night taking place at the Lord Ashton pub, Lancaster. It’s gonna be fun, furry and full of drink (it is in a pub). There’s a host of theatrics being provided by…

Sheep Knuckle
Adam Irving & Lindsay Bennet
Leo Olamerino
Paper People Theatre Company

Just as an FYI, Paper People’s (which just took me three attempts to spell correctly) contribution will be a little different to what we originally had planned because we’ve had a little trouble organising rehearsals, and we’ve all been a little ill. The difficulty with rehearsals is that what we wanted to do requires other people and a lot more organising than we are used to. But hey, you live and learn. What we are presenting, I have decided to keep a secret. Lowri or Mook may ruin this secret, because it’s not that big a deal if folk know or not.

As well as the theatrics we are hoping to get an installation provided by Fake/Simile and we’ve got some original, local music provided by…


David Kelly

Sarah Q

Hopefully we’ll have a film to show as well, provided by the lovely Adam Nash.

If you want to read the copy, here’s a link.


Just so you know. I’m still writing The Waiting Man. He’s a bit sadder than before. But he does get a love story. It does not end well.

And as a final note, here’s how I tried to spell Paper People.

Aperpe olpe

Peper Papople


That’s right, took me three attempts. Now, before I say goodbye here’s a dog playing piano.