Nowt Part Of

So this week I have been jaunting down to Manchester with Josh Coates and we have been performing a double bill of our two one man shows, mine being The Waiting Man, his being Stevie Wonder’s Stern Warning.

We have not had many people in at all, which isn’t ideal, but hey, who doesn’t it happen to. What is great is that we have had the chance to put these two shows next to each other finally. And they fit pretty well. They both deal with essentially the same theme’s but in very different ways. Mine is calm and contemplative storytelling whilst Josh performs a very fun, slightly silly, incredibly energetic and yet poignant piece. And despite having very small audiences in, they all seem to have enjoyed the shows, Josh even had people clapping and singing along on Thursday.

Today is our last performance, it’s at 6.30pm in The Black Lion, which is just around the corner from Salford Central, so if you can, please come along and see these two shows, I think they’re great, but of course I would, come along and make up your own minds.

So anyway, that’s enough of that. Now I’m off to get a train to Manchester and walk around an art gallery nodding and then I’m going to watch the Harpington Toad Fanciers Social… the show that is on before me and Josh. Should be interesting.