A wait, a review, a western at a festival a move and some future tellings

Well the title is pretty much all I had to say.

This won’t be long because I am very tired, staying over night in Yorkshire on my way to my new flat in Lincoln tomorrow.

So in July I did a double bill with my friend Josh Coates. He did a show entitled Stevie Wonder’s Stern Warning whilst I performed The Waiting Man. I could go into great detail, but all I’ll say is we went on a bit of a man date to a gallery where we drank beer from a vending machine, took a box to fill with things, ate boiled sweats that were piled in a corner and juggled wool. Then we got a review… it’s here.

Then Paper People Theatre took our newest show, Stories From… to Nozstock festival, it was brilliant fun, we had a great time, the show went well. We also hung our with our old friend Robin Peters and met his company, Thimble Theatre.

stories from

Now as I said, I am half way through a move from Lancaster to Lincoln. The plan is to get a job that is flexible so I can carry on making theatre and running off to do some freelance performances. I have an interview on Thursday for a job that should fit the bill, so fingers crossed.

In September, Paper People will be back in Lancaster performing our favorite project, Uncanny Corner, on the 6th at the Gregson. The performance is produced by LEAP and marks the beginning of their second year of being great.


That’s all I can think of for now, there are some new projects in the pipeline and other exciting things going on, but I am very tired and you can wait.

Im off. need a wash and some sleep.