In the immortal words of Bender, “I’m Back Baby”


Yeah I know I often drop off from writing on here, but this stint has been longer than most. There are two key reasons for this.

1. I moved from Lancaster to Lincoln.

2. I’ve been lazy.

So feeling somewhat (but not entirely) less lazy I decided I would revisit the ol’ blog in an attempt to reignite my creativity a bit.

So first off I here you asking “What have you been doing all this time?”

Well, I respond with gravitas, not much. Although that’s not entirely true. I got a job, in a pub, I’m still looking for something better, but in the meantime it pays the bills (barely).

As well as that, early in September Paper People revisited Lancaster to perform Uncanny Corner on home turf, and given the comparative audience sizes for the two performances we’ve done so far, i’d say Lancaster was the actual debut. We made some changes to parts of the show and I think our proudest moment was when (with assistance from the well suited Josh Coates) Roughly 6 kilos of buttons fell, in a sort of waterfall, at the back of the stage, right at the climax of the show. It was something we’d desperately wanted in the show and to be able to do it was incredible. There were lots of other changes too and we were very happy with how the show went and how the audience received it. We got a lot of interesting feedback and different readings of what the show was about. So in all, good. We still have a lot of changes that we’d like to make, including getting an original score, composed by Lauren Davidson, to replace the Rosemary Clooney sound track that the show currently runs on. And then, hopefully, next year with a bit of help from the wonderful Leo Burtin, we can organise a bit of funding and a few more performances.

After that there was a lot more of very little going on, until at the end of October I traveled down to London for a week to rehearse with Just A Must before flying away with them to perform Sports Play in Algeria. That was amazing and as soon as I can find the misplaced lead for my phone, I will post up TEN THOUSAND pictures. I really want to write a post just about that adventure because it really was fantastic, so sometime soon I will do that. Here’s a couple of photos to keep you interested…

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With regards to The Waiting Man, I still want to do some more work on it, but I feel I need space to think about it and gather some inspiration. I’m still experiencing the ever present issue with the show of how to make it longer but not boring. What with it being a show about waiting there is a great difficulty in varying the pace and rhythm of the piece. If anyone that has seen it has any advice, then I would greatly appreciate that, you can comment or email or something, that’d be grand.

Anywho, that should be enough for now. Ta for reading.