How to be a Man is funded!


So as usual I have failed to regularly update my blog on the comings and goings of life, but lets be honest, you don’t want to hear about my 48 hour week in a pub and restaurant, do you? No, you want to hear the exciting things like the fact that the Grants for the Arts application I submitted to get Arts Council funding for making ‘How to be a Man’ was accepted and I am now a funded artist, for realsies.

That is why you may have noticed that nice new logo on the bottom of the page. Exciting I know.

Essentially, aside from meaning that I can make the show, it means that I have a lot of work to do, which I have been doing. So I’ve been;

  • trying to get in contact with various groups across Lincoln and in Manchester to see if anyone is interested in talking about what it means to be a man.
  • Researching online and in books, to find out what writers and film makers say being a man is all about.
  • Learning that there are different ways of tying a tie.
  • Trying to source mannequins.

It’s fun, there are other things to do as well, such as hiring a designer and continuing the research and setting dates for all sorts of things, but I’m handling it.

Speaking of research, I intend (this does not mean I will) on posting some of what I’m learning on the blog next week. What I’m particularly interested in is the patterns that emerge in people’s guides on how to be a man, the things that appear in nigh on every article about manliness. So look forward to that, or don’t.

And if the urge takes you, don’t forget to comment, on any page or post, with what you think being a man is all about. I’ll read it, I promise.


(Here’s that logo)