How to be a Man directed by Josh Coates

You may have noticed on my Twotter and Facepage that I have mentioned, a few times, that I will be performing How to be a Man at Ovalhouse in April and there is a good chance you’ll be able to watch it somewhere in the North West as well. It’s exciting. It’s a chance to have more than 15-20 people (he says with desperate hope) watch a thing what I made. It’s a chance to see if it is actually any good and, if it goes down well and I enjoy performing it, it’s a chance to decide that maybe I like it.

This time it is bigger and better than last year. I have submitted another funding application (feel free to cross fingers) that I will find out about sometime in the next six weeks. I have approached some folk hoping that one of them will jump aboard as a producer. I’ve budgeted for some more things to make it look a lot more impressive than it did before (expect super hero outfits and princess dresses) I’ve even gone so far as to hire a bloomin director. That’s who I’m going to tell you about briefly…


Josh Coates is a *&’@#. No not really, he’s a delight(ish). I met him in Lancaster. He beat me in a playfight and since then I’ve liked him but been plotting his downfall. Josh has done a lot of good things, two shows in the last couple of years that he has written, devised and performed are Particles and Stevie Wonder’s Stern Warning. I’ve not seen the former, but once upon a time Josh and I double billed The Waiting Man and Stevie Wonder in a fringe, fringe festival in Manchester. We didn’t get a huge audience, we did get a pretty nice review though. He’s performed Particles internationally and I’ve been told that it’s pretty darn spiffy. He’s doing it again, potentially for the last time, in CPT’s Sprint festival, so you know, if you can, go see it. The main reason I wanted to work with Josh is because he will try and make me do things I wouldn’t do on my own, he’ll help me to turn this show from a thing that I want to see into a thing I want others to see. One of the major bits of feedback I got for HTBAM, that I really wanted to do something with, was that I needed to put a bit more of myself into the show, so that it has to be me performing it and so that it couldn’t just be a featureless figure saying some words. I’m not so good at putting myself into my writing, Josh is. He is also a lot messier than me, which can make things more exciting, and fits with the whole theme of failure that sits within the show. Josh will make me do things that I wouldn’t think of or even want to do. He told me that, at least in rehearsal, he would make me get naked, which is a bit weird and I’m still deciding whether or not to allow it. I’m looking forward to working with him. It’ll be… something.

So yeah, I’m excited about this. The show will be better, I’ll work with more people, I’ll show it to more people, and with the help of a producer I will build relationships with venues and maybe get to show it to even more people.

I’ll also be making Josh write one or two posts for my blog during the development, so you get to see his dulcet typing. So look forward to that, or don’t.


P.S. There are a lot of other great shows in the spring season at Ovalhouse, so go have a look. I’ve heard great things about Rachel Mars’ Our Carnal Hearts and I, Myself and Me by Rachael Young looks really interesting. So have a look at what’s on. (Plus if you book tickets for more than two shows you get a 25% discount)

P.P.S Book tickets for HTBAM. Please, you don’t even need to come and see it, although I would appreciate it if you did.


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