Time to put on the Dress

So January I spent writing a funding application. That was submitted nearly six weeks ago now. I should find out next week if How to be a Man will be funded for a second time. It’d be nice if it is, and would make life much easier, but if it is or not, everything is still going ahead. Just without the funding there will be a little less time for rehearsal.

Josh is busy getting rehearsal plans sorted whilst also preparing for his performance of Particles at CPT’s Sprint. I got a nice big suitcase that I’m hoping will make travelling by train with a set much easier (I should really learn to drive) I’ve also spent the majority of my February messing with the script, tweaking little bits, hacking out bits that I didn’t like and adding in new bits. There are some changes that I really like and some that I’m eager to see put on the stage.

So with a new bag, a new script and a director, I’m now getting ready to start rehearsing. I’m going to get two new dictaphones for the show. Digital ones that cut out the white noise and are far less likely to break the day before a performance (because I could do without that happening again) There is going to be two weeks of rehearsals, one in London and one in Lancaster. Then it’s on to the performances at Ovalhouse. I’m still waiting to find out about possible performances in other places. I’m particularly keen to get a date or two in Lincoln, but we will have to wait and see.

Manfred and Leo are excited, well Manfred is, Leo is currently deflated and rolled up under my bed (I’m hoping that my kittens have not filled him with holes – should probably check that) So all that is needed now is for me to crack out the dress and put it on, maybe get some new stockings too.


P.S. If you’re into history, you should watch Medieval Dead on UKTV Yesterday on the 30th of March at 8pm. I’ll be there, wearing armour.