Three Requests

Hi Ho people who have clicked their way here from twitter, facebook or LinkedIn.

I have three requests to make. Two of these are related to How to be a Man and one is just related to some writing I want to do. So for the first two I would be happy to receive responses in any way you could imagine. The last one is a little different. So if you’re interested in helping out then please, read on.

The first request. So my last post ‘The little girl who changed the World (But not all at once)‘ is the beginning of a series of stories that I want to write. So my first request is very simple, could you provide me with stories ideas about how this girl could change the world? Ideas about what is wrong with the world and how things could be. I’d really appreciate it.

Request the second. The first story I’m writing is actually tied in with How to be a Man. It is a story of gender equality being realised, of society being destroyed and rebuilt as equal and what I want to ask you for is ideas of what a world without gender inequality would be like. Could you do that?

Final request. A new section of How to be a Man will be a bit that I have no control over. It’s a way of challenging the idea of masculine control. I would like people to send me letters (they can be emails too) that I will not read when I receive them. Instead I will get an audience member to pick one of the letters I have been sent and I will read it out then and there for the first time. I would like the letters to be about; how to be a man, what you think of me as a man, what you think of the idea of masculinity, what you think of the show (if you’ve seen it). Basically anything relating to the show in any way. It doesn’t have to be what you really think, it can be designed to put me off if you are a particularly sadistic person.

Email: (If you do choose to email it can you please put the subject as ‘DO NOT READ’)

If you want to post it to me could you send me an email asking for my address. I don’t want to put that out on the interweb, I don’t trust it.

I’m quite tired and having trouble concentrating so this may not all make a lot of sense, I will put these requests up again and maybe put them on the homepage for a while as well. Thanks for reading and please do respond to one, two or all three of these. It’d be a great help.

Ta very much.