Good News Everyone!

It’s been fairly quiet on here for a while, so sorry about that. I am actually nearly at the end of a bit of writing I’ll be posting soon about the crisis of masculinity and why it’s important to talk about it. But right now I have some news. Two news in fact…

News the First

I will be performing part of How to be a Man at Emergency 15 in Manchester. I will be performing some new sections of writing as well that follow on from a short story that I posted earlier in the year, The little girl who changed the world. I’ve taken part in Emergency before, years ago when I was a student and had no idea what to do with that kind of opportunity, so I’m really pleased to be going back a bit older and less foolish (a bit less) I’m also particularly excited because I will be performing my work alongside other fantastic theatre makers and artists like Adam Gregory and Gillian Lees, Leo Burtin and Ali Matthews, Gareth Cutter, and Sturgeons Law.

Emergency is a fantastic day of new work from a  whole load of brilliant artists and on top of all of that, it’s free. There’s a bit more information about the day and the artists taking part here.

News the Last

I am going to be moving up to Manchester in October. I have a job sorted, a house to move into and have begun joining some creative networks. I’m really looking forward to moving back to the North West, where I spent my formative years of making theatre and the place that I see (excuse the sentimentality) as my creative home. I can’t wait to surround myself with a lot of very talented creative folk and get immersed in the veritable smorgasbord of culture that Manchester has to offer. I will grow fat and lethargic with all of the theatre and music and exhibitions I will consume. Manchester prepare thyself for my cultural hedonism, here I come.

How Delightfully Decadent