End of the Year. This has nothing to do with the end of the year.

Hi All,

I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently, apart from when I posted those lovely pictures of How to be a Man at Emergency. Thanks again to Word of Warning for having me and for taking such great photo’s.

So I have moved to Manchester now and I’m just about settled in and feeling ready to power back into my theatre work. So… what are my plans?

Put very simply I plan to finish How to be a Man and line up some performances so that more people can see it. I think it’s good, I like doing it and I want to achieve what I set out to do and perform something for people that presents the crisis of masculinity and the topic of gender identity in an interesting and accessible way that is hopefully a little different and rather entertaining.

 I also have some other projects on the go or in the works to become on the go, some involve cameras and you might call ‘films’. There’s also the joyful reunion of Paper People Theatre and we are deep in talks about what we’re going to do now that we all live in the same post-code area again. 

For now, however, I have a question. Are there any Producers who read this? In particular I am looking for producers who work freelance, are good at booking tours and are interested in the exciting idea of working with me on finishing How to be a Man and then touring it. I’m very early in my plans, but I decided it can’t hurt to put some feelers out to see if anyone bites. So… yeah, if you’re interested holla at me.

Any-who. It’s nearly Christmas, and, maybe more excitingly it’s the official release date of Star Wars (I’m going to see it next week) so here’s a festive tune for all of you.