How to be a Man 2016 tour Underway

So the 2016 tour of How to be a Man is underway. Last week my wonderful stage manager, Tash, and I along with our good friend Josh drove down to Plymouth to perform at Plymouth Fringe Festival.


Apart from the long drive there and the longer drive back it was a fantastic trip. I saw a few good shows including ‘Invisible City’ by NOVA which was a really great performance. I also got to re-watch Josh Coates perform ‘Get Yourself Together’, which is a spectacular show. It’s on this tour and one that you should definitely go see if you get the chance, especially if you have ever experienced depression, know someone that has or are just looking to find out more about it. Go see it.

I also got to kick off the tour of How to be a Man which was great fun and a good start to the tour. The venue was… challenging to say the least. It was the Jill Cragie Cinema, which means there wasn’t a massive stage. Also the show had to be operated from a sound proof booth. However, with some clever thinking and ingenuity on the part of the festival organisers and Tash everything worked out well and the performances went really well.

One of my favourite things about this show is the interactions and conversations it leads to with audience members afterwards. There are two that stand out for me at Plymouth.

  1. A woman at the end did not say a word to me. She just hugged me and then left. I love that, it makes me proud of this show and everyone that’s been involve in making it. I don’t know if it was a particular element of the performance or the show as a whole that provoked that response but I am really glad it happened.
  2. There was a man that came to see it who had recently moved to the UK from India to study robotics at Plymouth. This was his first ever show. That alone was enough to make it a brilliant interaction. He talked to me abut his past and the differences in culture between India and the UK. What he said he took away from How to be a Man, more than anything else, was the freedom of expression I was allowed in making it. I love that there is more to take from this show than the observations on masculinity and gender and equality.

The show is carrying on touring. Next up is The Bureau Arts Centre in Blackburn on July 9th followed by dates at The Kings Arms in the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival on July 26th and 27th. Tickets for all those dates are on sale now, just click these links or the ones on my dates page and you can book them

There are more dates later in the year so keep your eyes out for them.

Hopefully you can come along and see the show and we can have a chat, or just a hug/firm handshake afterwards,