And We’re Off

Morning All,

It’s been a while, how are you? (Replies in the comments please)

I’ve been a tad busy of late and I thought I’d share with you what I have been up to. The last time I posted anything on here was ages ago, I’d just finished performing How to be a Man at The Bureau Arts Centre, Blackburn.

Shortly after that I was marketing and getting ready for my performances in Manchester, which included an interview on TV, several radio interviews and lots of emails sent all over the place. Then I actually did the show, for two nights. The first night was pretty good, it was nice to be in a venue with a full rig so I could play about with the lights. I had a couple of reviewers who came in and wrote some pretty nice words about me and my show. The next night was amazing. The show more than sold out, we had to go and get more chairs. The audience were amazing, there was lots of laughs, lots of contemplative silence and a few stifled giggles. I’m also particularly proud because the CEO of the charity I work for (Mustard Tree, look them up) came along and I have successfully changed the way he look at shortbread forever. Manfred, the mannequin, has taken a bit of a beating over the last year, so he’s getting regular TLC and no more nails, to keep him in one piece. I’m trying not to replace him because I’ve had him since I started making the show and as much as I have developed a strong dislike for him (As you would if you had to carry him across the country, he has legs he just won’t use them) I can’t imagine getting a different mannequin in to replace him.

Then I went on holiday, it was great.

I’ve since spent the last couple of months working hard on How to be a Man, repairing Manfred and also working on a new show, ‘Do Geese See God’, with my company Paper People Theatre. And I’ve started work, collaborating with some lovely folk in Manchester, on making a new show, a socially motivated, power to the people sort of thing.

This brings me to the news section of today’s post.

Do Geese See God at Emergency 16


This Saturday (1st October) I will be performing a 20 minute extract of ‘Do Geese See God‘ with Paper People, alongside a whole host of exceptional artists at the smorgasbord of art and creativity that is Emergency, at Z-Arts. So if you’re free this Saturday I recommend you come along. The day starts at 12 and runs all the way to 11pm. It’s completely free and full of all sorts of fun stuff!

How to be a Man at Stage@Leeds








Following that, I’m off to Leeds to perform How to be a Man at Stage@Leeds on the 13th of October. If you can make it to that it’d be lovely to see you.

Later in the year, December to be exact, I’ll be at the Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle.

That’s all for now. Stay safe out there.