The Darkest Timeline

Hi All,

How are you doing? It’s been a dark week hasn’t it? Screw that, it’s been a dark year. The UK suggested to the Government that some of the population wanted us to leave the EU, the government decided that this meant we absolutely had to. Theresa May is now Prime Minister and from what I can tell she is nastier and cleverer that Cameron. Trump is now president elect of the US. Hate crimes across the world seem to be multiplying exponentially and due to some bizarre belief in Nationality as if it means more than compassion for fellow people, any dissent against hate crime is met with more hate.

That said, there is hope. A lot of people are rallying together to look after those suffering and to fight against the march to oblivion we seem to have started.

In the wake of all that’s happened I’ve realised that ‘How to be a Man’ has a slightly different meaning. It’s still about the crisis of masculinity, but that very same crisis is the cause for most of what is happening, after all patriarchy is one of the root causes of division, mistrust and prejudice because by making an ‘Other’ it’s possible to establish and maintain control. So the end of How to be a Man, that message of hope, of unity and equality is more important than ever. It’s a show that asks us to dream of and work towards a better future.

So yes, it’s been a dark year, but whilst there are people that recognise that and want to bring a bit of light back into the world, then there is a bit of hope.

Let’s hug, but remember to do it right. (This is a old version of How to Hug, but the message is the same)

As a shameless plug, the next performances of How to be a Man are at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd December. It’s pay what you feel. Please come along, have a drink with me and let’s plan a better world.