From the Past to the Future

Happy New Year and all that.

I thought I’d begin the New Year with a brand new blog post about how fun last year was and how even funner (it’s a real word, no squiggly lines or anything when I typed it) next year will be (despite the oncoming darkness that the worlds politics have caused)

So I toured How to be a Man, that was my main highlight. I went to Plymouth, Blackburn, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. I was honoured to have over 250 people come and see me perform. I was also surprised and slightly terrified to be invited to give a talk about the crisis of masculinity to lots of students at a High School in Manchester as part of their International Men’s Day event. You can read what I said here. I was supported by lots of lovely creative people including ; Paper People Theatre and Josh Coates (That’s not a real word, first squiggly lines of the post), who jointly directed the show. Also Natasha Farnworth (Also not a real word) who was my fantastic stage manager for most of the tour, and Tom Kirk who stage managed the last three dates. There were also Contact Theatre and Z-Arts who gave me rehearsal space and all of the great venues who let me walk on their stages in my underwear. Of course I have to give a shout out here to Rex, the dog that lives at Alphabetti (Not a real word) Theatre. He’s Great. Here are some pictures from the tour, that I’m sure you’re all very excited to see.

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Onwards… (apparently not a real word – I’m sure it is)

There are some potential new dates for How to be a Man coming up, I won’t give any details here because things still need to be confirmed, but they should be pretty exciting.

Also I have some plans, many plans, for new shows, that I will be sorting through in my head and then letting you know when that all starts to become something physical.

Finally, I’m working with Paper People Theatre on our brand new show – ‘Do Geese See God?‘ which is being developed and we are really looking forward to a development week at Lancaster Arts in February, followed by a work in progress showing on the 22nd Feb. We’re all particularly excited as Lancaster Arts is based on Lancaster Uni campus, which is where we all went to Uni and where we saw a lot of amazing work, and some of us (not me) even worked in the theatre bar (actually some of us – again not me – even managed it)

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So that’s about it. I’d ask how you’re doing, but you probably won’t reply. Feel free to let me know anyway. Have a good year, fight the darkness that looms with fun and ridiculousness.

Avoid using real words.