Lost in Space

It’s been a while, which is how many of these posts seem to start.

So I’ve been busy, in an understated sort of way. Lot’s of things have been going on but I thought I’d share some Jon news and some Paper People Theatre News. Then at the end there’s some new writing I’ve been doing for ‘I’m Building a Spaceship’ as a treat.

So Jon first;

I’m carrying on with writing my new show. I even got a fancy new pen and notebook for it. The pen’s made of wood, so… I’m fancy. It’s good fun. I’m hoping to use the show to explore a few different themes but also to play around with storytelling a lot more. It’s fun to write because I get to mess with Sci-fi, and I do love me some Sci-fi.

I’ve also taken a tentative first step into some freelance fundraising for a theatre company based in London. It seems like a pretty natural thing to do, I have helped a lot of friends with funding applications over the last few years and it is my day job as well. It’s something that I hope to start doing more in the future. If anyone who happens to read this fancies some help with a funding application just get in touch through the contact form on my homepage.

Finally I’m currently in talks for some performances later this year/start of next year. It feels like this is going to mostly be a development year and I’ll be doing more touring next year, but it’s all a lot of fun.

Paper People News;

Well, after our week of development on Do Geese See God? at Lancaster Arts and then a very fun performance of the show so far at the Nuffield Theatre we decided to have a bit of a break, not least because Jake and Mook are very busy with Powder Keg work, particularly on Bears, their project with The Royal Exchange.

Nonetheless, I have been busy whirring away quietly in the background. Very soon I’ll be getting in touch with venues here there and everywhere about touring the show next year. We hope towards the end of summer to get back into the rehearsal space properly for a bit more development so that by the end of the year we have a completed and very polished show about facts, our relationship with them and human significance.

I may post a little snippet of the film of Do Geese See God sometime in April.

Now a bit of writing from ‘I’m Building a Spaceship’


Well… here I am.


In space

In my spaceship



No power

Running out of air

Getting colder

I’m more or less where I wanted to be. But not quite.

I’m not quite at the edge of the Universe. And that edge is getting further and further away.


Here I am.

It’s not exactly what I expected, but that’s OK. Maybe where I wanted to be isn’t the same as where I needed to be.

Besides, where’s the fun in doing what you set out to achieve?

I realise it may not look like I’m in a spaceship drifting through space. That’s because on a journey like this, at the speeds I have been travelling, time and causality get flipped on their heads.

At the edge of the universe… near the edge of the universe, things don’t work the way you expect them to.





And here you aren’t.

I’ll go back.

So I can bring you with me.

So we can share my adventure.



This time things will go differently.