Do Geese See God?

Do geese see god? What are planets? How many red balloons are there really?

Facts. Facts allow us to understand the universe and our place within it. But what is a fact? How do we know when a fact is true, out of date, misunderstood or just a lie? That’s what were here to find out.
In amongst the facts, all quite interesting, is one story of a young fact, personified, and her flight through life as she struggles to remain true. So sit down, listen close and we’ll tell you the story of fact. You might even learn something. But probably not.
Do Geese See God is a new project in development with Paper People Theatre, with support from Lancaster Arts.
It is fun. It is energetic and silly. The audience will see four performers attempting something that is either very difficult or even impossible. It is full of interesting, fun and bizarre facts, unexpected moments and poetic writing. The attempt to do the impossible is a reflection of Paper People Theatres interest in the beauty of failure. We believe that there is nothing more beautiful to see than a moment of uncertainty, there is nothing more captivating than a moment of failure and there is nothing more heart-warming than to see that failure transformed in to a victory. Even if that victory is simply a calm, contented acceptance.The show explores facts because they fascinate so many people for so many reasons. They define our existence; they help us to communicate our understanding of the universe. They also act as markers for our history. On top of all of this they are a contradiction. A fact is a certainty, a permanent, but at the same time it is transient because it will at some point become either false or inconsequential.
Take a look at the Review  from ‘Emergency’ of the piece in it’s first incarnation.