Here We Remain

Here We Remain

There are three sorts of silence, three bodies waiting. Hers is a silent, active wait. She struggles to stay in motion, to continue waiting. His is a contemplative wait; it frames hers but remains his. 

They both are destined to reach the third. Frozen. Her world is built of buttons and wool, meticulously sorted and separated by colour and size, filling her cushions, her shoes and her books. Reaching each corner, each nook, each crevice and pulling it in towards her. 

This piece premièred at ‘First time Last Time’, a Leap event on December the 12th 2012.

Initially, Here We Remain was created as an extension of Rosemary but during it’s development it evolved into a work all of it’s own.

Here We Remain is a Live Art Installation utilising three performers. The first is a man waiting. He has been waiting for so long that he has forgotten what he is waiting for. The second performer is able  to communicate her waiting through movement alone. Both these performers are being drawn towards the third. A woman that has been waiting for such a long time that she has frozen in place, unable to move or speak.

Three bodies in the space, all hurtling towards an inexorable failure, but holding onto a hope that the inevitable can be avoided.

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