Two Suns in the Sunset

Two Suns in the Sunset is about humanities desperation to survive and its determination to destroy itself and it’s about the search for alien life in the Universe. Throughout history humanity has placed itself at the centre of the Universe, but if we are so important, why are we so willing to engage in self-destructive behaviour? The search for alien life ties in with humanities significance; if aliens exist then we are not all that there is, we are not special. If we are alone then no one would notice if we were no longer here. From a Universal perspective we don’t matter. But when you look closer at the lives of individuals we become so much more important. Two Suns in the Sunset explores this and hopes to remind the audience to think about individual people that you might meet, because only then does human life matter.

To date I have performed two work in progress showings of Two Suns in the Sunset. I have developed the voice and style of the piece and begun working with a musician (Lauren Davidson) on the development of the live soundtrack. I am in the process of creating a podcast that will combine storytelling with investigation, exploring the themes of the piece and the wonder of space. I hope that the podcast will be available from June and will give you an insight into the piece as well as an opportunity to inform its ongoing development. If you’re interested in joining in or helping out with the making of the podcast I’d welcome guests and people who have things to say about anything and everything to do with the show and it’s themes. Just get in touch using the contact form on the homepage!

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